Our attentive service and friendly attitude, and expand the external benefits services business, is our service tenet.

Business items

  • Short-term import/domestic car rental cars
  • Business/personal long term rent
  • Wedding limo
  • Driving service
  • Airport shuttle service

Service advantages

For business / personal customers to long-term lease may be in accordance with customer needs, providing business or personal needs through a well-designed to allow you the flexibility of funds, legal tax saving, easy to master the car situation easier to manage.
Original offer customer service, but also with high-quality special factory warranty contract cooperation to allow customers access to faster and more diverse selection. In addition, to ensure the safety of customers, all taxis will be regular maintenance, all will be checked before moving safety performance, providing customers an extra layer of security peace of mind, make your car more peace of mind!
Insurance will analyze in detail the contents of each client (depending on the content of the provisions of the contract), and at the time of the accident, by the person responsible for treatment and disposal to assist with the coordination of accidents, to provide the most immediate support assistance to enable customers to enjoy the peace of mind guarantee honor class !
When an emergency occurs, will be the fastest speed of service! As a customer, you can 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to enjoy the peace of mind service, completely worry-free!
When a customer's vehicle into the shop for maintenance over 24 hours, providing good the quality of the same level of travel of the vehicle (the Service in accordance with the contract terms provisions provided), non-stop caring service allows you to remove the car-free available problems also make official trip can be continued .