We have a quality driven service, providing professional and friendly group of drivers for your computer travel driving tired, model include domestic/import, car/van, so you can choose the suitable service products in accordance with individual needs, diversity of simple and convenient reservation process, either by Internet or telephone, can easily experience the honor of driving the service.

Driving service process

  • Step1

    Online join/login

  • Step2

    Fill in the booking order select the vehicle specifications and time

  • Step3

    Online credit card payment

  • Step4

    contact the customer confirms the order card is completed, we will take the initiative to link with you, confirm the order correct, complete reservation.

  • Step5

    To HUEI JHONG  : No.181-4, Zhongming S. Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Customers take time to sink all leasing documents (ID card original + license original) pick-up customers signed
    To the credit card/cash

  • Step6

Airport Shuttle

5 seater car
7 RV
2 CEO Limousine
Taichung → Taichung airport ( one way ) NT$800 UP  NT$1,400UP  NT$1,600UP 
Taichung → Taoyuan airport ( one way )
NT$2,800 UP  NT$4,000UP  NT$5,000UP
Taichung → Taichung airport ( shuttle ) NT$1,400 UP  NT$2,500UP  NT$3,800UP 
Taichung → Taoyuan International Airport ( shuttle ) NT$4,200 UP  NT$7,600UP NT$6,400 UP

Taoyuan airport shuttle


If Mercedes-Benz limousines, car rentals, hotel arrangements, itinerary planning, please contact rural, remote areas and the other discretionary charges

Airport transfer price includes: gas, tolls, parking fees and driver wages, food, lodging, tips, 3 million passengers insured each insurance personal accident insurance and medical insurance.

Airport transfer, each one more place getting on and off (5 km), plus NT$100~NT$200 (such as more than 5 km, and pricing).

Airport transfer, licences are subject NT$100, placards in the entry hall to the right.

Order more using the Internet reservation LINE:Hjcar168, fill in the content will be clear and save on phone bills. Above price does not include tax invoice, if need to invoice the guest pays the Government rates (receipts)

5 -seater car , to Taichung Taoyuan drop off after 6:30 am , 2000 ( based in Taichung District , early morning and late night elsewhere , please call for quotation .


※ The above capital is included in the price of oil, tolls, parking fees, invoice, tax, does not charge any additional fees. 
※ The receive/send the same price, but if you get off/on location in remote or mountainous areas, fare is negotiable. 
※ Passengers (on) period after 22:00 by 06:00 plus night bonus 200 Yuan. 
※ Ride some more, plus 100-300 per point depending on the distance travelled, and welcomed the increased use of total energy. 
※ Professional valet service charge of 100 Yuan, receiving passengers at the same time calling for car people. 
※ When transferring over every 30 minutes subject to 200 Yuan, pick either grounded or delayed are no extra charge. 
※ Temporarily change the repatriation flights, please notify the first hours, the Secretary has the power to appoint some other vehicle or cancel service, refund 50% deposit only. 
※ Cancellation, please use the car 3 hours notice, otherwise will be charged 1/2 fare. 
※ The driver late arrivals by more than 15 minutes, fare by 80 percent, if more than 30 minutes, fare in terms of 70 percent. 
※ By car for three hours in the car, plus temporary dispatch fee of 200 Yuan.
※ For Taichung, on the table, others on the train please call contact. ※ Welcome the company line number, group call contact, contracted monthly long-term mining collaboration and other preferential treatment.

Travel Packages

行程名稱 主要行程 費用















Car price list

Photos models Car models Taichung District (3hr) 1 Cross district ( county ) The timeout is one hour Remark

Benz V-Class V250d

Luxgen M7 ceo

Welcome to the joint credit card VISA/MASTERCARD
  • ◎"Booking please go to "contact us," select other Please fill in the content Advisory Details to fill out a tourist destination, time, number, model, would have to reply, we will proactively work with you links"
  • ◎Above models photo color, the contents are for reference only, actual hire vehicles on the scene to pick up the car
  • ◎The offer does not apply and for more than 3 days during the Spring Festival holidays.
  • ◎Open at 10 in the morning till seven o'clock (the Lunar business until further notice), please take the car within hours.。

※The company reserves the right to model and price changes