Individual introduction of long-term car rental

Cars yearly depreciation charges substantial, do not worry about rapid reduction in car prices, if and when the lease expires, you can choose a new car continues to new contracts, such a scheme can be applied like driving different cars you! In addition to always have new cars can be opened, meeting all the leases will be for you to do all the tedious car management services, and problems with leakage of secret funding, and middle car trouble without you having to change!

Eligibility individual long-term car rental

Online/telephone reservation conditions:  
1.members required for 20 years (or more) of natural persons, and are required to have a valid credit card. 
2.members must hold a driver's license for more than a year under the age of one year, the company will not provide car rental services.

Individual long-term car rental bid process

  • Step1

    Through the network, telephone (validating requirements)

  • Step2

    Offer car rental information

  • Step3

    Long term rent offer

  • Step4

    HUEI JHONG contact the customer confirms the order card is completed, 
    we will take the initiative to link with you, confirm the order correct, complete reservation.
  • Step5

    To HUEI JHONG rental car and enjoy meeting all the personal service.

Individual long-term rental advantages

Cash to buy cars

Buy car mode

cash purchase

3 -year loans to buy a car

Down payment



loan amount



Monthly payments


36, NT$59,494

Total payment


3 years Total cost2,141,784

Insurance( type B all risks )






Maintenance costs



other fee

Administrative fees


Chattel Insurance setup fee NT$3,500

3 years Total cost



(Capable of reaching tax)



Save costs



Long-term car rental

1. the lease will not have to sell the car, do not worry about depreciation.

2. car can substitute different models suitable for hating you.

3. If there are like vehicles can contact professionals help you purchase and lease rates.

4. status of confidentiality, by registering the car belonging to the leasing company, third parties cannot use vehicle owner knows, Yin-tightness and safety of individuals, thereby avoiding unnecessary harassment.

Spreadsheet Description:

一、Monthly rent include:

1. three-year fuel, licence Commissioner of taxes, fees, etc.

2. the maintenance fee (guaranteed within 2000 miles a year, according of regular maintenance of the depot and consumption parts replacement).

3. provide the province's 24 hour towing service road 20 km free plane (without training wheels and full load), free purchase of electricity, fuel and water supplies.

4. monthly rent with 5% sales tax; margin interest returned to the lessee when the lease term expires.

Financial, General personnel associated with the user of the activity-based cost

三、Capable of reaching tax

Rental car rental fees, or cash purchase of tax depreciation, fuel, insurance, maintenance and other costs, respectively, in accordance with law to offset the tax.

Car price list

Photos models Car models Taichung District (3hr) 1 Cross district ( county ) The timeout is one hour Remark

Audi R8

Benz SL550 2013

Ferrari F488

Ferrari California T

Benz CLA200

BMW 新大7 Series G11

Benz SLS敞篷

Welcome to the joint credit card VISA/MASTERCARD
  • ◎"About services please go to "contact us" check off the enterprise's long term rent/long term rent Please fill in the content Advisory Fill in detail, vehicle leases, applications (such as: wedding limo), would have to reply, we will proactively work with you links"
  • ◎Above models photo color, the contents are for reference only, actual hire vehicles on the scene to pick up the car
  • ◎The offer does not apply and for more than 3 days during the Spring Festival holidays.
  • ◎Open at 10 in the morning till seven o'clock (the Lunar business until further notice), please take the car within hours.。

※The company reserves the right to model and price changes